Producción musical

  • Mixing: $350 USD (Mixing only with stems from your song. Each revision will have an additional cost of $50 USD)
  • Mastering: $300 USD (Mastering of your final mix only. Each revision will have an additional cost of $50 USD)
  • Vocal Treatment: $300 USD (Includes manual vocal tuning and professional treatment of your vocal track)

Musical Production (In-Person)

  • Vocal Recording: $100 USD [Per Hour] (Only the raw recording of your vocals, does not include vocal treatment)
  • Instrumental Track: $500 USD – $1250 USD [Depending on Genre] (Production of the instrumental track with exclusive license)
  • Instrument Recording: $250 USD (Instruments via TRS or XLR line)

Design and Photography

  • Cover Art: $100 USD (Art for your single in the necessary dimensions for proper distribution)
  • Photo Editing: $20 USD [Each] (Professional editing of your photograph)
  • Photo Montage: $60 USD [Each] (Professional editing of your photograph with visual effects)

Music Distribution

  • Music Distribution: $60 USD + $40 USD per year (Includes all digital platforms)
  • Create a VEVO Channel + 1 Music Video: $300 USD + $25 USD Annually (Includes one channel and one video and annual hosting maintenance)
  • Distribute Music Video to VEVO: $60 USD (VEVO channel required)


Starter Studio Package


  • Vocal Recording
  • Mixing
  • Mastering (with 1 correction included)
  • Cover Art
  • Distribution on digital platforms

Standard Price: ~$950 USD
Bundle Price: $500 USD
Affiliate Price: $400 USD 

Ideal for emerging artists looking to professionally record their song and make it available across all major digital platforms, complete with a custom cover art.

Emerging Artist Package

Includes everything from the Starter Studio Package plus:

  • Instrumental Track

Standard Price: ~$1825 USD
Bundle Price: $900 USD
Affiliate Price: $700 USD 

Designed for artists ready to elevate their music with a fully produced instrumental track, ensuring their sound stands out in the digital realm.

Professional Production Package

Includes everything from the Emerging Artist Package plus:

  • Instrument Recording

Standard Price: ~$2075 USD
Bundle Price: $1050 USD
Affiliate Price: $850 USD 

The ultimate package for the dedicated musician aiming for the top. It offers comprehensive production and distribution services to launch your music to stardom.